About CHTI

CHTI Radio is a network of information radio stations across Ontario. We inform our listeners with local news, weather, sports and traffic reports, while also playing instrumental smooth jazz music in between. Since we first hit the air, we’ve grown into a network of 15 stations and plan to add even more in 2017.


CHTI can be heard in the following cities and towns:

-Timmins 102.3 FM
-Sudbury 101.7 FM
-North Bay 92.5 FM
-Sault Ste Marie 93.7 FM
-Iroquois Falls 102.7 FM
-Kirkland Lake 99.5 FM
-New Liskeard 103.5 FM
-Chapleau 92.7 FM
-Kapuskasing 92.3 FM
-Temagami 92.1 FM
-Hearst 95.5 FM
-Smooth Rock Falls 101.9 FM

Contact Us

Get in touch with us by calling 705-465-2150 or email chtiradionetwork@vianet.ca.